Permanent Sponsor Deemed Sponsor Individual Sponsor
Any person who contributes at least Rs. 25000 becomes a permanent sponsor. The money is deposited in a bank in the form of a fixed deposit, so that the interest so accrued out of this will be used annually for take care of school fees. Any person who makes a monthly/periodic contributions and as and when the sum of Rs 25000.00 is reached and is deposited in the form of a fixed deposit, eventually becomes a permanent sponsor. The interest so accrued to be spent for school fees/ uniform/books as per the wish of the donor.
  • Any person who contributes a minimum of Rs. 2000 per child will be an individual sponsor for that academic year. The contribution will be spent school fees/ books during the academic year without going through fixed deposit route.
  • To collect individual contributions and put in a fixed deposit in multiples of Rs 25000.00 and use the interest annually.
  • To collect and individually sponsor specific needs of the beneficiary as per the wishes of the donor.